Radio Sales Tip: How To Avoid Client Snubs On The Phone

How To Avoid Client Snubs Via Phone

Okay, let’s face it, making a radio sales transaction via phone is one of the most dreadful experiences any radio sales person has. Once, you get the other line ringing you get to have that uneasy feeling that your prospect client might reject your call. Now, here’s a good tip on how you can avoid getting phone snubs. Remember to be courteous and be smart, don’t try to sound too much of a radio sales person. Here’s a good advice from RAB.

Use the telephone wisely. You can do much of your initial interviewing and fact finding over the telephone. And, remember … don’t start the conversation with “How are you?” That is a red flag to anyone on the other end of that phone, alerting them that this is a salesperson (i.e. “I’m too busy to talk to you now and I don’t want any anyway!”) Start right out with who you are and go right into business. You will get fewer brushoffs.

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