Jesse McCartney Is Leavin Teeny Bop Songs

Jesse McCartney is surely stripping off his teeny boppy appeal with his latest single called “Leavin”. “Leavin” is a rhyhtmic pop music track that’s sure to be a big hit this summer here in the Philippines. In the U.S. the Jesse McCartney song is slowly gaining more frequent rotations in the spring playlist.

The video for Leavin has indeed made Jesse McCartney leave his cutie approach with sexy scenes. The song Leavin itself is  also a testament of McCartney’s drive to get into more mature music making. In fact, you can hardly hear traces of the old Jesse McCartney sound which I found awfully resembling Aaron Carter or his brother Nick.

Check out the video or better yet add an mp3 widget of this new song for your Facebook, Myspace or Friendster here. If your station has not been playing this song lately, well, you better do.

Get MP3 widget code of Leavin by Jesse McCartney on


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