Shontelle – The New Rihanna?

Shontelle - T-Shirt

Shontelle Layne is a songwriter and singer from Saint James, Barbados. Her first hit “Colours” was released in 2005. But her breakthrough came when she collaborated with J-Status and Rihanna in the 2006 hit Roll It. The song was originally called “Roll It Gal” and was written for British female soca artist Alison Hind. Shontelle is now in SRP Records. The company is run by Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, the same duo who put Rihanna at the top.

Shontelle certainly has the makings of a superstar. Check out the hit T-Shirt! Download Shontelle mp3 widget.

13 thoughts on “Shontelle – The New Rihanna?”

  1. She knows what she looks like in the mirror and she dresses the part. There was never a point in any of the videos where I saw self-consciousness despite the revealing outfits she was wearing. This is a girl that is used to being checked out. However, I don’t think she struts her stuff like she is capable of. I still feel some shyness and she needs a director that can get her fierce side out. It was glaringly missing in the “Perfect Nightmare” video.


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