Pinoy Radio UK: Interview with Sonny Laragan, Station Manager

The Pinoy Radio UK Logo - a new all OPM internet station based in London
The Pinoy Radio UK Logo - a new all OPM internet station based in London

Pinoy Radio UK is the first and only 24/7 online radio in the United Kingdom and Europe playing purely Original Pilipino Music (OPM). It’s broadcasting from the heart of the UK with studios in London, England. Songs composed and performed by Filipino artists from the 70s up to today’s current OPM hits are featured on the station.

Sonny Laragan is the station manager of Pinoy Radio UK and he generously took time with us to share the story and sound of the new Pinoy internet station.

1. How did the idea of putting up Pinoy Radio UK come up?

Sonny Laragan - Station Manager
Sonny Laragan - Station Manager

Actually, the plan is to have a pinoy radio station in every country here in Europe. Everything starts here in London first. We plan on having O/B (outdoor) broadcast vans for remotes.

Then if everything works out fine, then we start another radio station in Italy. It would be Pinoy Radio Italia. We could base the station in Italy in Milan probably as we have the biggest concentration of pinoys in the city. We would try to expand to Rome and other main cities of Italy.

After Italy…the 3rd priority for establishing a pinoy radio station would be Austria (Viennna & Salzburg). Then the rest would follow. However, I would have to create a base in Manila as well to serve as a news center for all radio stations in Europe.

2. What is the goal of Pinoy Radio UK ?

The idea of putting up the station began 3 or 4 years ago. My objective was to create a station that would be 100% OPM. To play songs either composed or performed by Filipino artists/singers.

3. What are the programs, shows, and segments of Pinoy Radio UK?

The planned programs are as follows:

Sunday Live (2 – 5 pm UK / 9pm – 12 mn RP) The aim for this show is to have a guest singer/band on the program and give the listeners a chance to interview the guests on the show.

On The Spot (1 – 2 pm UK / 8 -9 pm RP) A hour of songs of a featured artist of the week.

Sabado Night Pary (9pm – 12 mn UK / 4 – 7 am RP) 3 hours of dance and uptempo songs

Nigh Jam (Weeknights 9 – 11 pm UK / 4 – 7 am RP) A 2 hour call-in talk program

These are initial programs that we would have on the station.

4. How many DJs do you have?

We’re still building the team and the station is a work in progress.

So there you have it. Mr. Sonny Laragan, Station Manager of Pinoy Radio UK. We’ll be hearing more from Pinoy Radio UK as they add new DJs and more stations in key European cities.

Listen now, go to

Pinoy Radio UK also received jingles from Take a listen to the cuts below.

Jingle 1

Jingle 2

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3 thoughts on “Pinoy Radio UK: Interview with Sonny Laragan, Station Manager”

  1. Despite the growing number of Filipino people in the UK, they lack any well publicized community events. Is Sonny Laragan and Pinoy Radio UK trying to address this by linking up with community groups across the UK and develop beter networks?

    Who knows, another UK based Filipino TV station might be next!


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