Exclusive Live Interview with Jose Maria “JOMA” Sison

JOMA Sison Exclusive Interview on November 8, 2009

In a what could be a historical exclusive, Sonny Laragan of Pinoy Radio UK (www.pinoyradiouk.com) is set to go one on one, all-out interview with influential personality, Jose Maria “Joma” Sison on November 8, 2009.

The said interview will take place during the special edition of the Sunday Live program on Pinoy Radio UK airing 1pm London, 9pm Manila, 2pm Amsterdam, and 8am New York. The program will be made interactive as phone lines will be open for questions from listeners of the said station.

For details on how to get through with the interview on Sunday, log on to www.pinoyradiouk.com

JOMA Sison Interview | 60second Promo

Credit: Voice clips from Korina Sanchez and Danny Buenafe, from News TV Program “Bandila”, all material remain property of respective owners.


One thought on “Exclusive Live Interview with Jose Maria “JOMA” Sison”

  1. carlo..una sa lahat mgandang umaga sa lhat ng nakikinig..para sakin kung mainlove man ang syota ng bestfriend koh sakin..depende po sitwasyon..hindi ho xa maiinlove sakin kung tlgang mahal nya ang bestfriend koh..cguro poh kung mahal koh rin xa papatulan ko xa…piro kung hindi ko rin tlga mahal hindi ko ccrain ung pagging bestfriend namin..piro pagsapalgay ko na tma nman na patulan ko xa o ang feelings namin sa isat isa ggawin ko puh..cguro puh maiintndhan din puh ng bestfriend koh kung anu tlga ang totoo..un lang puh tnx..hope na mbsa puh to nonyo..


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