MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Is Still Looking for Male DJs

Calling out all aspiring male disc jockeys, DYLS FM 97.1 Cebu is looking for a male DJ. You can send in your demo CD and updated CV by mail or by hand to the following address:

MOR 97.1
ABS-CBN Compound
Jagobiao, Mandaue City 6014
Cebu, Philippines

MOR 97.1’s current personalities include, Baby Jelly, Jacky Gonzales, Piolo Askal, Frankie Da Hunky, Carlo Santino, and Parechuy. YOu can text in your song request and greetings, key in: morcebyour message and send it to 2366.

I’d like to commend ABS-CBN RN Channel 3, DYAB, and DYLS for their comprehensive coverage of the 2010 Sinulog. Using traditional and current technology, ABS-CBN Cebu collectively used the live TV, radio and webcasting via the internet in covering the most celebrated festival.

Station DYAB is also offering more interactive options to its listeners here and abroad through GTalk and Skypecast, among others. Share your views and connect with other DYAB listeners online.

  • Stickam
  • Yahoo Messenger:
  • Google Talk or GMail Chat:
  • MSN Messenger:
  • Skype: dyab1512

121 thoughts on “MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila Is Still Looking for Male DJs”

  1. gd day maam/sir ako csi ronoben lequin 22 years old tag libjo tabogon cebu naa koy xprnce sa merchandiser gusto ko mo apply dj contact 09353994857


  2. haloww ! dj pease lang ko great sa akong crush nga si wilkins ug request pod kog cool down more power to your station love u all


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