JoJo, Not Bothered By Being Compared to Charice

Charice joins Jojo On The Radio, 102.7 KIIS FM

Pop-RNB singer Jojo, who was recently in the country for a concert, shrugs a shoulder when asked about being compared to Charice Pempengco. Jojo said in an article that she is excited to see Charice’s career and she is cool with the International Filipino singer remaking a song original recorded by her.

The song “Note to God”, written by Dianne Warren, was given the first interpretation by Jojo in her 2006 album – “The High Road”.

“I thought it was interesting that they made her record a song that was already on someone else’s album. But she did an incredible job, and I have nothing but respect for her. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her album. I’m excited to watch her career,” JoJo said.

Lady Gaga Finds Greyson Chance A Talented Kid!

Lady Gaga finds the YouTube star Greyson Chance a talented kid, this she said in a live phone interview with Ellen Degeneres. Ellen, who is fond with meeting and interviewing internet stars, flew in the 12 year old web sensation to come over to her show. Chance performed Paparazzi, which earned him praises and criticisms.

Many find Greyson Chance a close match to Justin Bieber.

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