103.5 Max FM Returns As Global Max Dance Radio

Save 103.5 Max FM

103.5 Max FM returns but this time streams worldwide as a new brand – Global Max Dance Radio. The station is test streaming at Global Max Radio Website.

It’s website http://www.sayawmanila.com will launch on October 1, 2010.

Global Max Radio Listen Online
Global Max Radio Listen Online

6 thoughts on “103.5 Max FM Returns As Global Max Dance Radio”

  1. AFTER OVER 19 YEARS………… TUNED IN RADIO, THE NEW RHYTHM OF THE NATION IS FOR SALE! THE WEBSITE (www.tunedinradio.com + .org .net .biz .info)…….ALL THE SHOWS(678)…….ALL THE INTERVIEWS (over 400)…….ALL THE CONTACTS… FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION EMAIL ME OR CALL 1-905-883-5773 (Canada) Tuned In Radio, The New Rhythm Of The Nation is a one hour syndicated dance radio show that was on the air from Nov. 1991 – Nov. 2004. It started off as a Top 5 CHR show that was aimed at the 9 – 15 year old demographic and evolved into a Top 10 Dance Show that was aimed at the 16 – 24 age demographic. There are hundreds of interviews from independent and major artists including Alphaville, George Clinton, Inner Circle, Big Mountain, and the late Barry White and James Brown to name a few. The first 420 shows are on cassette and the rest are on CD. For the last couple of years of the show we were charging $50.00 per show. I am still publishing the Top 10 Dance
    Chart every other week that is emailed to over 200 people, faxed to over 20 people in the industry, posted on over 80 newsgroups and on the website. If you would like any more information email (tunedinradio@yahoo.com) or call 1-905-883-5773 (Canada).


  2. On her Twitter, Amy Perez announced that TV5 will venture into another station, called Radyo5, a news/talk station! She said, “Radyo Singko malapit na!!!!! Abangan sa 92.3 fm!!! Kakaiba ito mga kapatid!!!!” Does this mean that Dream FM will sign-off for good?


  3. Warning: Listening to Global Max Radio will get you HOOKED and make you ADDICTED you don’t wanna leave your PC for radio anymore!

    Welcome back Maxville!


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