Radio Host DJ Mo Leaves ‘Willing Willie’ for Health Reasons


DJ Mo Twister, an announcer at Magic 89.9 DWTM Manila, is temporarily leaving from the primetime game show ‘Willing Willie’ as a segment host to attend to health reasons.

Mohan Gumatay, in real life, disclosed on TV5 Monday that his body needs to rest after showing sings of respiratory problems due to the rigorous hosting and announcing schedules he has.

“Kuya Wil kasi parang… Alam mo ‘pag nandito ko super, like, bigay talaga yung energy at yung voice at ‘pag umuuwi na ko sa gabi medyo nawawala na yung boses ko. Tapos may radio show pa ko na 6 AM at may gabi na radio show rin ako pagtapos ng ‘Willing Willie.’

“So parang sa radyo ‘pag paos yung boses mo, ang hirap din ‘no? So humihingi lang ako ng konting break para lang maka-recover na yung lungs ko. Sorry!” Mo explains to Willing Willie (WW) Host Willie Revillame. (quote from

Aside from his 6 am morning show on Magic 89.9, DJ Mo is co-hosting Juicy, a celebrity gossip noon time show, and a late night radio podcast show after Willing Willie. He does all of these shows on a daily basis.

WW host Willie Revillame has no qualms with the DJ leaving the show for the moment. Replacement is yet to be announced.

It is pretty normal for radio DJs to be having a lot of jobs, especially because radio’s income not enough. But even for a decently earning DJ Mo, who probably can be likened as the Ryan Seacrest of the Philippines, he, and everyone else still needs rest.

Do you believe DJ Mo Twister’s leave on Willing Willie temporary or permanent?

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