Live365, Pollack Media Partners for Athena365 – All Female Web Radio Network

Foster City, CA March 23, 2011 —


announced new content deals and a strategic development agreement with Pollack Media for its new “Digital Moms”- focused internet radio network, Athena365. Since its beta launch in mid November, Athena365 has attracted hundreds of thousands of women, generating thousands of registrants and Facebook likes. Athena365 music stations showcase styles from Pop to Jazz, and Athena talk stations, like Harpo Radio, feature celebrities such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Laura Berman.

Building on this early momentum, Live365 is now bringing a variety of successful bloggers and authors to Athena365. Planned featured stations include talk programming by Dr. Sagall of Pediatrics for Parents; Melinda Roberts, author of and Mommy Confidential; and Dawn Friedman, an author published by The Huffington Post and These partners will provide their unique insights on health, parenting, relationships, and other subjects of interest to the women served by Athena365.

“I wanted more ways to reach my audience. On-the-go Moms can’t read my blog while they’re driving. But they can listen to me on Athena365,” said Melinda Roberts. “It’s a great chance to adapt what I do to the lifestyle of my audience.”

“We have this list of people we think are just incredibly talented and brilliant. We have to get them on the air,” said Gary Lipkowitz, Director of Business Development at Live365. “We are explicitly promising Athena365 listeners a compelling stream of content that will both entertain and enrich their lives. This is the first step toward fulfilling that promise.”

The Athena365 team has also joined forces with veteran music experts and media consultants Pollack Media Group. The Pollack Media Team, led by Jeff Pollack and programmer Pat Welsh, is curating Live365’s extensive station roster for inclusion on Athena365. In addition, the Pollack Media team is working closely with Live365 to deliver new content and distribution partnerships.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be part of Athena365’s growth,” said Jeff Pollack. “We’ve been hearing positive feedback about Athena365 from prospective partners, and I’m confident that Athena365 listeners are going to see some big names coming their way.”

Athena365 is the new 24/7 cloud internet radio network dedicated to women, moms, and families. Athena radio is built on the Live365 platform, which has been broadcasting over the internet continuously since 1999. Athena365 features music stations ranging from Pop to Classical, as well as talk programming on topics including health, fitness, and finance. The Athena365 women’s radio network is owned and operated by Live365. Live365’s end-to-end broadcast services empower individuals and organizations to reach audiences around the globe, by providing tools, services and royalty coverage. Live365’s powerful advertising platform allows brands to reach their target audience segments at scale with display, audio and video ad units. For business development inquiries, contact busdev(at)athena365(dot)com

About Pollack Media
Pollack Media Group is an international media consultancy that specializes in connecting content and distribution companies with consumers. With experience in television, music, film, radio, print, and digital media, Pollack Media helps companies navigate the new media landscape, from traditional media to bleeding edge technologies. In the past 25 years, PMG has grown into one of the largest music and media advisory firms with worldwide clients including MTV, VH1, CMT, National Geographic, Microsoft, Harpo Inc., movie studios, managers, artists, radio stations and magazines. More recently Pollack has moved into the digital media space working with a wide variety of clients on strategy and business development.

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