Win Radio Defends Itself Against NU107 Fans

Win Radio

Win Radio defended itself against its detractors, mostly fans of its predecessor, NU107, by publishing an article at a national newspaper. The station’s head, Manny Luzon, who used to be at Energy FM, said in a Manila Bulletin article that rock stations will not survive the current radio industry.

“You can’t serve one menu all day,” Luzon noted, seemingly directing his words to the die hard fans of the defunct rock station.

“Business has to evolve and that’s what we, Atom and I, have agreed when I got on board,” he added.

Win Radio replaced NU 107 last year, which enraged loyal listeners. Facebook pages and groups were organized to supposedly boycott the new format.

Luzon added that while many of the followers NU 107 cannot get over the fact that their favorite station had already gone, his new brand “Win Radio” with the tagline “Pinag-iisipan Pa Ba Yan” is fast gaining listeners.

Critics of the new station expressed their disappointment over the saturation of “mainstream radio” or “masa” formats.

“Parang hindi pinag-isipan ang format ng Win Radio, parang kinopya lang ang Love Radio at Energy FM” – one critic says.

Surprisingly though, Manny Luzon, was the former head and was responsible for creating such popular formats as Energy FM in Davao, and Love Radio, in Manila.

Luzon expressed a few points that will set his new station apart from the usual “pang-masa” stations.

1. No double-meaning songs or obscene talk on air
2. Plays more OPM originals, and less OPM revivals
3. No DJ piracy, either DJs are trainees or have officially resigned

Luzon revealed that pirating DJs from other stations is not his cup of tea.


This man definitely has a lot up his sleeve, considering his past successes. But if Win Radio is positioning itself as the “trimmed” version of Love Radio, then it should be commended. At least, for not bringing more of those street language on the air.

However, when I airchecked Win Radio, I find it sounding very much like Love Radio.


10 thoughts on “Win Radio Defends Itself Against NU107 Fans”

  1. going along the lines of Mr. Luzon’s “you can’t serve one menu all day”, may I say that ” YOU CAN’T SERVE MASA MENU ALL DAY”


  2. ai naku wag na nga kayong nega jan…kung ayaw nyo makinig s Win radio eh d wag…d nman kau pinipilit eh…we’re free to choose which station we’re happy & contented..


  3. ang pinaka importante ay nagmamahalan kaung una talagang di matatanggap ng mga magulang at kamag anak ang relasyon nyo.meron po kc kaming kamag anak na ganyan din po ang nangyari pero dahil sa naging faithful at responsible husband cia naging ok na rin ang lahat.


  4. I agree Win Radio is a copycat of Love Radio. Its slogan Pinag-iisipan pa ba yan? is more of a synonym to Love Radio’s slogan Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?. Its tambalan Kilabot at Kembot (Matt Tsubibbo and Diwata) is similar to tambalan Balasubas at Balahura (Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala). Its stingers sound like Love Radio’s. It also follows the DJ schedule of Energy FM (3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm, etc….). Win Radio isn’t unique at all.

    I agree that “You can’t serve one menu all day”, meaning a station can’t play songs from only 1 format. People may get a bit bored. CHR & Masa stations serve many menus all day.

    Luzon made Energy FM #1. Yet he invaded a great station & make it masa, which is crap. It’s so ironic that more people are listening to Win Radio than Wow FM, which began earlier. Besides, Wow FM is way better & unique than Win Radio.

    People should get used to niche or – at least – sub-niche programming.


    1. Speaking of “You can’t serve one menu all day”, it means that a station can’t play songs from only 1 format/genre. Rock, actually, has many subgenres. If Luzon is referring to one menu, he means that NU is playing mostly Alternative Rock, which is considered one genre. Now, you know what he meant.


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