UR 105.9 May Extend Until June 2011

UR 105.9

Earlier, it was reported that UR 105.9 will be closing. The station’s program director, however, sent an official statement to its listeners, that its last day of airing is yet to be confirmed.

The following is the message from, program director Niki Flojo:

“It was made publicly official by the Philippine Daily Inquirer that UR 105.9 will go off-air soon. There is actually no exact date on the last airing of UR 105.9 on radio but we will be on for probably 2 more months.

We would like to thank all of you for sticking with us and supporting our cause to push Pinoy Rock. But this is not the end! The management decided to continue airing but in a different platform. UR 105.9 will slowly migrate to full online radio — UR FACERADIO.

We are inviting you guys to join this new online venture for UR FACERADIO! The station has a lot of surprised in for the local scene so we hope to see you guys there! Check us out over at http://www.facebook.com/URFACERADIO.

This UR 105.9 Group Page will eventually die down not just because of the migration to UR FACERADIO but also because of Facebook’s new Group Page Upgrade that we just learned recently.

So again, UR 105.9 will go full blast online via UR FACERADIO! Expect a big launching event at the end of the month. For more info, be part of facebook.com/URFACERADIO.

Let’s continue the Pinoy Rock movement!”

2 thoughts on “UR 105.9 May Extend Until June 2011”

  1. Here’s a new statement: Rajah Broadcasting Network of Ramon Jacinto will find a new media group that will offer them to buy 105.9 MHz after UR goes off-the-air. It is not Energy FM.


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