Win Radio Manila Lands 7th on Manila’s Top Stations

Win Radio is #7

Just four months after it first aired in November 9, 2010, 107.5 Win Radio Manila landed at number 7 according to the March 2011 KBP Radio Research Council survey.

107.5 Win Radio debuted last year following the closure of NU 107. The station is managed by CEO and Network Manager Daniel Razon and Manny Luzon who became the COO and EVP last October 10, 2010.

Luzon has been on 90.7 Love Radio since 1975 to 1991. He founded K-LOVE 1494 in 1991 and 91.5 Energy FM in 1996 under his own company, Ultrasonic Broadcasting System.

Win Radio claims to be a “more decent mainstream radio station” with programming that includes heavily OPM, both revival and current hits.

The station sets itself from the rest by offering a “responsible programming” doing away with airing songs “with double meaning”.

Critics, however, including those unfavor of NU 107’s closure, believe it is a ‘copycat’ of 90.7 Love Radio referring to the slogan and its station IDs

Win Radio’s slogan “Pinag-iisipan pa ba yan?” resembles that of Love Radio’s “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?” while its programming is said to be synonymous to that of 91.5 Energy FM.


7 thoughts on “Win Radio Manila Lands 7th on Manila’s Top Stations”

  1. I’ve Noticed New Masa Stations such as Wow Fm, Win Radio and Big Radio overplaying the songs of April Boy Regino and Michael Learns to Rock, I mean why do they have to overplay April Boy Regino and Michael Learns to Rock and even Air Supply, No such variety for people to listen to unique formats nowadays, just plain April Boy Regino, Michael Learns to Rock, Air Supply etc. I mean how many times did these Masa Stations overplay April Boy Regino’s “Di Ko Kaya Tanggapin” no variety of music except to play April Boy Regino come on!


  2. well when 107.5 FM was NURock 107, they were on the 7th spot anyway… I mean why do they have to change their format to masa station if they going to land on the same spot as where it used to be back then as a Modern Rock station? Common people of Mega Manila! This is now epidemic on what’s going on on the radio scene… No such varieties for people who wants to listen on a certain genres on FM nowadays just all pa-bakya music and talks whatsoever… bingi na ako! Pilipinas nagpapalago ng pera… This is the actual sign that the Philippine businesses is now running out of money even media has to swallow their pride and follow the risky trend to survive… KAWAWANG PILIPINO! 😦


    1. Manny Luzon shouldn’t have butted in to the Henares’ radio business. It’s not his business to butt in to Niche Radio Stations that can only play 1 format (actually, rock has many formats, which is its subgenres). Luzon should have focused only on Energy, in which he still focuses, and no other radio stations.


      1. We know that the programming is quite similar to Love Radio. And, because of it, it’s gaining more listeners.


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