Listened to Radio High 105.9 Lately?

Radio High 105.9 Replaces UR 105.9

There’s a new station replacing UR on 105.9.

Its Radio High 105.9 which plays smooth jazz familiar to Francis Lumen’s previous format during his time at 923 Joey.

The station is now owned by Lumen’s All Youth Channels Inc., which previously manages 92.3 as U92 from 2009-2010. Visit their official website at =)

Tip from Baltazar Benedicto

Listen to Radio High 105.9 click here


25 thoughts on “Listened to Radio High 105.9 Lately?”

  1. Kindly play the sounds of Shakatak, Jones Girls, MFSB, Noel Pointer, Alphonse Mouzon, SOS and many others. Thanks


  2. maria :
    Really a ‘not for everyone’ station! Only for the selected few. Very classy, elegant sounds. Thank you so much for the people behind this one of a kind radio station. Without you, Manila music would be ‘vacuous’.


  3. I’m always “high” on RadioHigh :)) Found the perfect station for me! I can’t sleep without music and RadioHigh is really just perfect. I don’t get “heart attack” in the middle of the night unlike in other radio stations who would play upbeat/rock music in the wee hours. Gladly, I stumbled upon this station. And I also wake up in feel good music. What else is a good way to start your morning? :)) Definitely “not for everyone”. And I bet, not everyone in my age (21) would appreciate the music played in this station. 🙂


    1. Hey Amaraluna. You don’t have to be a certain age to appreciate the music on Radio High. Forget about ‘peer pressure’ or whether its ‘street cred’ to listen to a certain type of music. If it feels good then just enjoy. Here is another station I discovered in the last few days that you may well appreciate listening to also:
      Enjoy the vibe!


  4. I got myself a beautiful 1979 Sansui TU FM tuner, a Baron antenna, tuned it to Radio High. My neighbor was looking at the antenna, scratching his head and asked me…”Wala na kayong cable?”…Priceless =)


  5. please play bob james, or astrud gilberto, or spyrogyra, chuck mangione, tadao, eddie k (minsan lang you played eddie k). ka dami dami dami pa namang jazz artists haven’t heard these artists since 80’s.
    we stay tuned to your station at the office and when i go home and back to the office. o di ba it’s good you are 24/7.


  6. Really a ‘not for everyone’ station! Only for the selected few. Very classy, elegant sounds. Thank you so much for the people behind this one of a kind radio station. Without you, Manila music would be ‘vacuous’.


  7. “Better Than a Backrub” this station would often play. So True! Nothing beats easy access to your own ol’ chillspace anytime with just a radio tuned on. More Power, Radio High! At least I can still listen to you when I get back to Baguio City. =)


  8. As a Brit visiting the Philippines regularly on business and for pleasure I would certainly concur with the above comments and observations. I have just discovered this station after becoming somewhat disillusioned with the music on Crossover 105.1 – they have changed their format I notice, particularly during weekdays.
    Most FM stations these days seem to cater for the lowest common denominator treating us to what they ‘think’ we should hear on a mind numbingly repetitive basis with no imagination.
    All due credit to the team at RadioHigh for putting the music first – isn’t that what Radio is all about? We have a London based station in the UK called jazzfm which is reasonable but just does not play those elusive unique tracks that are to be found on Radio High.


  9. thank you indeed! nobody can do it better than two powerful jazz institutions like you guys!
    you definitely brighten up people like us who adores smooth jazz! wonderful indeed! thanks ms pinky and mr. francis! more power and Godbless you guys more!


  10. Radio High. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS RADIO STATION-I’m guessing they are Francis Lumen and Pinky Aseron. I grew up listening to City Lite 88.3, Joey @ Rhythms 92.3 with the slogan “Who your radio should be”.

    The latter became the following:
    -923 Joey
    -xfm (very classy chillout station that lasted for 6 months, if I’m not mistaken)
    -92.3 xfm
    -U92-cool to be u.

    Then, one day, U92 became Aksyon Radyo 5.

    I like Crossover 105.1 but the station didn’t have the songs the Nation Broadcasting Group had; same with 106.7 Dream FM.

    Now, with the demise of Dream FM, I’m happy with Mr. Lumen and Ms. Aseron’s RadioHigh 105.9.

    Welcome back sir and ma’am!


  11. I just stumbled upon this station while chilling on my bed at 3 am (i was searching for something to put me to sleep). What caught my attention was a beautiful classical tune that kept me listening til 4 am… Then i had to force myself to turn my radio off cause i needed to sleep. I still dont know the names of the songs i listened to but they were enough to get me hOoked to the station! Im loving this!


  12. Thank goodness Mr. Lumen and his team are back. We missed Joey@92.3, the great music, all the cool features, and how the station got involved with things going on around town. Still remember great shows at “the tent” when Bonifacio Global City was still a bunch of fields. Best wishes to Bianne and the bunch and many successes with Radio High. Maraming salamat po for filing an emptiness in our musical souls.


  13. And I’m glad Radio High picked up where 923 Joey and XFM left off. It’s been years! I mean I liked Dream FM and CrossOver 105.1 but I’ve been missing the music that got me started on jazz and electronica back when I was in my teens.

    Hopefully Radio High doesn’t buckle under the pressure of being the lonely guy at the top. Philippine radio needs stations like Radio High (and, for that matter, 98.7 The Master’s Touch, the defunct NU107 and UR 105.9, even the new 92.3 News FM) to provide diversity to the FM band. Because all we’ve been getting anywhere else in FM these days seem to be just 30 to 40 songs of the same genre, on perpetual random playback.


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