Why Can’t Radio Stations Unite To Promote HD Radio

Time to Upgrade

Australia was successful in doing this in August 6, 2009. For the first time in the history of the radio industry in the Land Down Under, radio stations gather to promote the exodus of the radio industry here from analog to digital.

From Hype to Historical

The event created so much publicity, that the hype of having a digital radio turned into something historical.

HD Radio, without a doubt has some disadvantages: expensive receivers, costly conversion of digital equipment. But everyone knows about the benefits, and this is where policy makers, digital radio manufacturers, and radio networks should come together, to unite and tell the masses the advantages.

HD Radio

The Australian stations were one in sending a message: that digital radio is important.

  1. Listeners get clearer sound
  2. Listeners can access extra stations
  3. Better reception
  4. Pause and rewind
  5. Download content
Imagine, one day you could have a chance to rewind your radio because you didn’t catch what the announcer just said. Or imagine, radio stations don’t need to close shop anymore to change formats, they would just have to add an extra HD Channel.

Go Digital or Stay Analog Forever?

It is high time that the country’s radio airwaves move into the digital spectrum. If not, it will be stuck in the analog world forever. The government should be in the frontline here.

Join the HD Radio Philippines movement on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/HDRadio.Philippines


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