Sari-Sari Sounds Brings Back ‘Bigkas Pilipinas’

Sari Sari Sounds

Sari-Sari is a brand new online radio station that plays nothing but Original Pilipino Music, round the clock, all week, raw, edgy tunes caught only at your favorite gigs.

From Pinoy Rock to Flip-Hop and everything in between, crossing genres, and generations.

Sari-Saring sariling atin all up in your face.

The new online radio station also brings back the popular Bigkas Pilipinas radio show that was first aired on Jam 88.3.

Bigkas Pilipinas was the first and only spoken-word show in the Philippines.

“This is certainly a great way to promote and help the local scene,” says Kooky Tuason, host of the show. Kooky has released three spoken word albums: “Romancing Venus” Vol. 1 (2005); “Romancing Venus” Vol. 2 (2006); and “Bigkas Pilipinas” (2007).

“That’s the beauty of this kind of art form. While it’s true that not everyone can be a poet in an academic or scholarly kind of way, all of us are entitled to express ourselves through words. Of course, there is still a technique and a method here to make your thoughts touch the minds and hearts of your audience. But for me, honesty provoked by genuine emotion is art and poetry in itself,” further says Kooky.

“‘Bigkas Pilipinas’ is exactly like that. It gives us the chance to think outside of the box while not sacrificing self-expression and artistry,” she adds.

Listen to Bigkas Pilipinas every Saturday, 1-3 p.m. on


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