Christian Bautista Invades Radio With New Pop Sound

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Acknowledging Christian Bautista’s successful bid in Asia, the Asiansation releases his very first international album “Outbound”, via Universal Records.

The album boasts of recordings of Christian done outside the country and his collaborations with music producers and artists from the United States, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The first single “All That’s Left” presents Christian’s new, bolder sound, and further proves that he is more than just a balladeer.

FREE Christian Bautista “ALL THAT’S LEFT” Ringback Tone! For GLOBE users text UD344 and send to 2332. For SMART users text FALT and send to 2728.

To vote for “All That’s Left” MV on MYX, just type in MYX[space]REQUEST[space]ALL THATS LEFT and send to 2366.

Check out the songs from his “Outbound” album here:

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