DJ Chacha of Tambayan 101.9 and DJ Papa Jack of Love Radio on Hot Seat, Bishop Urges KBP to Monitor Radio Programs

DJ Papa Jack, DJ Chacha

The midnight programs of DJ Chacha on Tambayan 101.9 and Wild Confessions with DJ Papa Jack of 90.7 Love Radio are on the spotlight as one Bishop in Sorsogon Arturo Bastes calls for the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas to monitor content.

DJ Chacha and DJ Papa Jack are among the most popular disc jockeys in Manila, both of whom are handling radio programs that offer advice for radio listeners who call in sharing more often than not their failed or ailing love stories.

In most cases, topics include sexual content that the bishop finds inappropriate for mass media.

“… Ilang mga DJs gumagamit ng malalaswa na mga language. They tempt people to sin especially sexual innuendos. ” – Bishop Bastes.

Bastes was particularly referring to DJ Chacha’s suggestive ad libs on air and DJ Papa Jack’s green jokes and segments involving callers making gyrating sounds.

“Hindi lang sex yung usapan, like kung merong nagsishare ng problema sa yo, madadaanan mo lang siya. Hindi mo naman pag-uusapan yung ginagawa nila, paano ginawa nila, ”  defends DJ Chacha.

“I think there are more lives touched than ruined,”  says DJ Papa Jack.

Bishop Bastes urges those DJs who give advice on such midnight radio programs to  just play religious songs.

Radio stations in Cebu City recently also faced a similar hot seat scenario. Stations here decided to drop all its text pal segments, or programs where listeners gave their cell phone numbers on air in exchange for a text pal.

All radio stations agreed to lift these programs following the death of a radio listener who was killed by a text pal she met via the radio program.

32 thoughts on “DJ Chacha of Tambayan 101.9 and DJ Papa Jack of Love Radio on Hot Seat, Bishop Urges KBP to Monitor Radio Programs”

  1. hi dg chaCha . hangAng hangA po aKo saU .Ang gaLing mo po mAq advicE ..Ang daMi ku po naTutunAn sA inyO ..aT daHiL hubbY ko rIn po Ang mAq bigay ng paYo sA mgA kaIbigAn ko .. aT mag advicE .. mAs mdAmi po Akong nLalamAn.


  2. i have listeend to your midnight program on radio and i have to agree withthe bishop about the sexual innuendoes od both deejays cha and jack. but i have observed too that the reason why their shows click to the listening public even if its the graveyard shift for most coz the listeners dont get bored and instead get different reactions from the different callers who air their personal problems .if and when the tragedy which happened after a caller was killed by another it would not have been the fault of these two deejays. but i have to give an unsolicited advise to these two deejays though , try to give as much as possible everytime a positive advise to these problematic callers especially those who were jilted by another. it is not always easy to give an advise that will help a person who suffers from an unrequited love. these two deejays should read the book of M>Scott peck ” The Road Less Travelled” so they can give a more positive advise to all these problematic callers. good luck on your journey to fame.


  3. lagi ako nakikinig sa inyo dito sa barko,dito kami ngaun sa korea,nakakatangal kayo ng homesick,hayaan nyo habang my signal kami lagi kami makikinig sayo,jeffrey po ito from quezon province,kinig kami ngaun d2


  4. talagang malaswa ang mga pag-uusap ng callers at dj chacha. ilang utak ng kabataan ang nalalason sa pakikinig ng ganoong mga klaseng pag-uusap. ok lang sana kung advise ang binibigay pero binibigyan talaga ng malaking pansin ang mga kaganapang pang sexual na wala sa konteksto ng buhay mag-asawa. nababastos ang sacrament of marriage. para bang ok na lang makipag-sex kahit kanino, kahit saan, kahit paano. ano na ang kaibahan ng tao sa aso?


  5. i love you dj cha-cha… araw-araw po akong nkikinig ng radio mo…i like you …gusto po kita makita and makasma…. lagi mo kong babatiin sa radio… anu number mo? IM EJANE CARIGMA FROM TERESA,RIZAL…ILOVEYOU DJ CHA-CHA.:-)


  6. Despite my somewhat negativity on the jokes at masa-format stations, I avidly listen to Papa Jack. While his advices may be too frank (when I invited a dormmate to listen to Papa Jack, he argued that he was way too frank to which my dormmate feels bad), I do think that the reason why Papa Jack, Chacha and the likes are a staple to 9-12 timeslots is because they are the nearest the audience in terms of their advices. Dahil nakabase sa wika na pamilyar ang nakikinig, mas naiintindihan nila ang mga payo at prinsipyo ng mga DJ na ito.

    I am a student at the development communication field, and as I see it and as a professor told us, devcom broadcasts find it hard to go mainstream/primetime. Kung gusto mong makinig ng development-related na mga programa, dapat gising ka na ng maaga o magpuyat ka dahil masyadong maaga o masyadong late ang mga ganoong uri ng broadcast, maging sa AM radio. Kung ganyan na sa AM, paano pa kaya sa FM?

    Almost the same goes to the suggestion that 9-12 timeslots must be dedicated to religious songs. There is Saved on Energy FM, yes, but this is on air only on weekends. Even Pinas FM, which is owned by Iglesia ni Cristo-owned broadcasting firm, airs its religious programming before sign-off. Kung mismong development broadcasting hindi makapasok sa primetime, religious songs pa kaya?

    Hindi naman sa ayaw ko sa religious songs (iba ang pakiramdam ng contemporary Christian songs). Ang nakikita ko lang na problema, dahil ratings- at advertising-oriented ang ating radio broadcasting trends, mahirap maging posible ang gusto ni Bishop Bastes. Also, the Catholic Media Network-owned FM network Spirit FM must lead the way for that kind of programming, yaman din lang na Catholic Media Network-operated sila. If Bishop Bastes wants that format, the Church’s media must cater that format.


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