Are You Ready for The Social Radio?

The Social Radio

Following the launch of the i0S Siri a few months earlier, a startup company based in Argentina has launched a speech-based program built for Android phones this time, but focusing on Twitter.

It’s called The Social Radio App.

Yep, it turns your Tweets into spoken audio and streams them all like radio.

Led by CEO Roberto Gluck, the team, composed of iPhone, Android programmers and a sound engineer, launched a beta version earlier this month through their site

Available from the Android Market, once installed, it will read all your tweets in your timeline or choose to sort by topics or list.

It provides a number of benefits for Twitter users; it reads your updates while you’re driving or doing something else on the computer (since it also has a web version), a multi-tasking buddy it is.

It can even stream music from your own device’s library or through Google music in between tweets.

It can speak different languages like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The app is still on a beta version so you can expect things to be improved.

Among its limitations are:

  1. Limited Language and Vocabulary/Dictionary – not all languages are available and it still has a hard time reading web slangs or terms. In fact, it reads GMAIL as g-m-a-i-l.
  2. Abbreviated Words – it also has trouble reading abbreviated words like “srsly” which means “seriously”.
  3. No Talk Back feature – unlike Siri, Social Radio doesn’t let you talk back, so when it encounters tweets with links, you can’t check them out.
  4. Intelligent streaming – if you choose to stream your updates based on the timeline, you may get a streaming of random content which is why streaming by topics or list is preferable.
  5. Not Yet On iPhone – at least for now, as mentioned earlier, their team is composed of an iOS developer, so we can expect an iPhone version in the near future.

There is still a lot of room for improvements for this application, but the ideas are promising. One day the team can even incorporate this on Facebook, which is great because updates on Facebook are more conversational and abbreviation-less.

The Social Radio App can be downloaded here


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