Top 5 Trending News Now: Marquez stuns Pacquiao, boxing world with 6th round knockout

Marquez stuns Pacquiao, boxing world with 6th round knockout

Marquez stuns Pacquiao, boxing world with 6th round knockout
SAN DIEGO, December 9, 2012 – In boxing, a single punch can make history. It can define a fighter’s career in one second. It was not a total shock that Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico scored a knockout victory over his longtime rival, eight weight class, View Full Story Here

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez says he needs cancer surgery
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez says he will return to Cuba on Sunday for more cancer surgery, and has spoken openly for the first time of a successor. View Full Story Here

Egypt president scraps decree that sparked protests
By Edmund Blair and Yasmine Saleh. CAIRO | Sun Dec 9, 2012 4:29am EST. CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has cancelled a decree that gave him sweeping powers and sparked violent unrest but did not delay this month’s referendum View Full Story Here

Gerard Butler fulfills childhood dream in soccer movie season
As a child growing up outside Glasgow, actor Gerard Butler found his first heroes not on the stage but on the soccer pitch. Back then he had less desire to follow Sean Connery’s footlights than to follow the footsteps of Liverpool standout Kenny View Full Story Here

Mandela spends night in hospital
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has spent the night in hospital in the capital Pretoria, officials say. The 94-year-old had been admitted to hospital on Saturday to undergo tests View Full Story Here

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