Top Five Dot FM Domains That Are Not Radio Related

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dot FM (Micronesia)

Dot fm (or .fm) is the official country domain code top-level or (ccTLD) in Micronesia. Also called the Federated States of Micronesia, the state is an archipelago of islets situated in the Pacific Ocean.

Apart from the for name reservations such as ,,, and others, any individual in the planet can get his own .fm website and that is of course with a fee.
The revenue for the payments actually goes to the Micronesia government.

Because of its obvious use, is mostly bought by FM radio stations and internet radio stations similar to the domains used like .am, .tv, .cd, .dj and .mu.

Some of these websites are: Last FM.

But there are also websites that are not music or radio related. Like the following:

Reaper.FM – digital workstation
Fastmail.FM – email provider
Ask.FM – online community
Tastebuds.FM – dating site
Charged.FM – events site

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Complete list of popular dot FM domains. Click here

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