BRIT Awards 2013 Winners, Did They Deserve It?

ArjanWrites / Emeli Sande / #Artisttalk
ArjanWrites / Emeli Sande / #Artisttalk (Photo credit: TheNext2Shine)

Yes, our very favorite Brit Awards have given the bestest of the best honors to the hot cake sellers of the industry, we are talking about the biggest names in music from the United Kingdom and beyond the world.

Ben Howard and Emeli Sande were honored as the best in the UK. And each of them of course received plenty prizes and surprises.

The night was as usual filled with hoo hoos and ha has.

We are talking about the numerous costume failures and changes, a lot disappointments and a night of celebration.

And did we mention that it has the weirdest hairdos in an awards night?

Emeli Sande said that she thought she would become a pop star. But she won, she probably have to thank that.

She further explained that the reason she wrote the album was that because she does not have the guts to say it in the flesh. For her it was satisfying that a lot of people can relate to her even if it means that she had to sacrifice her med school just for this album.

But don’t your worry Emeli, I think it paid off though.

She even said that she was the underdog in the category, oh come on Emeli, you know you deserve it. Which of course was being joked on by the Radio DJ who said well then if you are the underdog then you are the most successful underdog tonight.

Now onto Ben Howard, his lowered keyed writing is like out of this planet but hey the question really is , who is this guy.

And is Ed Sheeran joking? That he lost his phone? And that exclusive and new tracks that are not yet released are in there? Oh come on.

You know what the true winners that night I think was Rita Ora.

Go girl!


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