Download Back Into The Woods by Ed Harcourt, Album Review (Soon)

back into the woods
back into the woods (Photo credit: glasseyes view)

Download Back Into The Woods by Ed Harcourt, Album Review

Ed Harcourt or Edward Henry Richard Harcourt-Smith will be releasing his brand new album Back Into The Woods tomorrow February 21, 2013.

The album was initially scheduled for February 25 release however CCCLX Music, the recording company will have different release dates and some outlets digital and physical might have the availability tomorrow.

This will be Ed’s eighth studio album since Here Be Monsters in June of 2001.

In 2003 he released the album From Every Sphere. Also much the acclaimed Strangers was a hit in September 2004.

The following year Ed released the compilation project Elephant’s Graveyard. The Beautiful Lie succeeded in 2006 although did not do well in the sales.

Until Tomorrow Then: The Best Of Ed Harcourt became an instant classic for many fans in October 2007. Lustre was his last album in 2010.

Being a musician in innate in Ed.

Social media feedback
Social media feedback

He grew up from his hometown Wimbledon in London, England listening to the best music of the times.

He has 13 popular singles and have received a nod for the Mercury Prize in 2001.

Ed admits he is into the kind of music that his idols dig, such as Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits.

Title tracks for the Back In The Woods will be available as soonest and will be updated.

Download Back Into The Woods by Ed Harcourt


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