First Filipino FM in Dubai UAE Launched, Tag 91.1 Serves 600K Audience

Tag 91.1
Tag 91.1

The very first and only Filipino FM Radio broadcast station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has launched. In its, 1 week of broadcast since March 24, 2013, already it’s gaining a lot of feedback not only to its local Filipino audience (around 600,000 plus), mostly OFW and expats, but also to Pinoys worldwide.

Tag 91.1 which is short or a play word on Tagalog is part of the Arab Radio Network.

ARN is part of the Arad Media Group – it is an Dubai, United Arab Emirates, based media company, part of TECOM, the technology and media holdings management arm of Dubai Holding. Founded in March 2005, AMG has a workforce of just under 300 staff across its three Dubai-based offices.

TAg 91.1 is the sister station of Virgina Radio 104.4 and Dubai 92. Visit to tune in.


3 thoughts on “First Filipino FM in Dubai UAE Launched, Tag 91.1 Serves 600K Audience”

  1. Love U Tag 91.1 listening from Kazakhstan. Earol, Emil. Areil Maraming Salamat kabayan❤️❤️❤️💋💋


  2. Ano po yung mga songs na pinatugtog nyo noong September 19, 2013. Pwede po ba ibigay sa akin yung mga titles nung songs yung mga pinatugtog lang po ng mga 3:10-4:00. May songs po kasi ako na gusto idownload pero po nakalimutan ko yung tono at yung lyrics. Pero po somewhere po sya nung time na pinatugtog nyo po yung “Home” by Michael Buble and “Your Love” by Erik Santos. Send nyo po saakin yung mga songs sa email ko pero pag hindi nyo po kaya ibigay email nyo din po ako sa email ko po: or kung pwede po patugtog nyo na lang po ulit bukas around 5:30 ang mga na sabi ko po na songs. Thank you po!


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