iStreamRadio Launches BETA Version 1.0


iStreamRadio is more than just a cool new spot to listen to radio, it is a platform for independent internet broadcasters to connect with a larger audience and make themselves a relevant force in a changing industry that is growing more and more towards internet and digital radio sources. They help provide access to tools and services that bring the broadcaster and listener together in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Now that they are launched in BETA Version 1.0, iStreamRadio now invite any and all internet radio broadcasters; small, medium or large – all are welcome to join tehir platform and have there station(s) or network(s) listed! They offer a free listing and paid package (monthly fee or yearly “money saving” fee). All stations whether free or paid listing will have the chance to be featured, etc. on our website, future iStreamRadio mobile app (launching on iOS in 2014) as well as in e-mail blasts, press kits, visual and audio advertisements, etc. based on ratings (using page view statistics via Google Analytics, star rating and thumbs up/down ratings on station pages).

The platform also allows the listener to register an account with them and add there favorite stations or streams to their “Favorite List” for easy reference when returning, as well as e-mail alerts for when new stations have been added to one of there favorite genres – these settings must be set by the registered user on either the results page or station listing page itself. Listeners can also leave ratings using a star rating system, thumbs up/down system, even comment on the station and contact the owner, etc.

If you may have any further questions about iStreamRadio, etc., please feel free to call, Kevin Lee Pattky, Jr. on my cell at 973-615-1884 at anytime or if more convenient via e-mail,


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