Radiojar – How To Broadcast Your Internet Radio With Advanced Playout System For Free


Radiojar is creating a new breed of web radio broadcasting platform.

They’re technology startup based in Athens, Greece and the aim is to help web stations and DJs around the world reach their full potential.

The idea for Radiojar came in 2010 and the company was established in 2011.

The first alpha version was out in 2012 and started with 10 radio stations.

They launched in July 2013 and are currently hosting 75 radio stations serving 300,000 listeners per month.
They got venture backing in 2013 and are currently expanding to reach a global audience.

Radiojar offers free trial period and lets you use their advanced playout system that looks very much like your favorite DJ or radio playout system.

Learn more about Radiojar in their product tour below


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