Floyd Media New Jingles for Bliss 104.2 Jordan

English: The Jordan Post in Amman, Jordan, 2009.
English: The Jordan Post in Amman, Jordan, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bliss 104.2 – the next big player on radio scene, just kicked off with brand new jingles package.
With a total of 135 elements delivered, this massive branding project targeted client’s main goal: “Contemporary signature pop radio sound”.

The programming team at Bliss wanted a jingle package that would reflect their feel good playlist….that means no slow cuts. The goal was to make every theme sound like a hit record.

In addition to jingles, Floyd produced a package of their signature ‘SingShots’, a jingle/sweeper hybrid, designed to bring voiceover superstar David Tyler and the jingles closer together, which gives the Bliss 104.2 some real punch.

Bliss 104.2 is Jordan’s newest and freshest radio station, broadcasting to a target audience of over 6 million people across the nation. The once ancient Kingdom is now the home of the hits with Bliss 104.2 playing the biggest artists from Bruno Mars to Katy Perry and Avicii.

“We wanted Bliss 104.2 to brand itself as Jordan’s first quality HOT AC music station and we couldn’t have done it without Floyd Media’s super skills. We’ve now got the most powerful jingles in the country and a terrific flow between songs. This collaboration was the spark we needed to hit the ground running. One of our best decisions yet!”

Yazan Jarad
Programme Manager
Bliss 104.2
Amman, Kingdom of Jordan

This package is available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name and slogan and/or sonic logo. Email us for more details at office@floydmedia.net



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