Listen Online on the Number One Radio

The station has had many incarnations since its inception, but whatever brand or monicker it landed into, the station remains to be the top rated in the industry.

It had gone through massive face lifting from being an AC station or love songs, to light rock, to high end Top 40 station and now the leading masa station.

The format proved to be a strong brand as it was a consistent top rated format in its provincial stations, in Davao and Cebu particularly. So the network wasted no time to adapt it and this was also the chance to bring back its popular catch phrase.

This by the way is now being used as a listener label, meaning DJs call their avid listeners this.

Among its most popular programs is the mid morning. Unlike other similar program formats, it moves away from the traditional letter reading or advice giving approach, they bring in experts in the field of spirituality, legal and pyschology.

And they also do away with the unwholesome approach of other call in, advice based programs which includes sensualities. Congrats to the station for a job well done.

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