DJ Papa Jack TLC True Love Confessions Episodes on 90.7 Love Radio Still Top Rater

Love Radio 90.7 continues to be a force to reckon with as it remains to be the Metro’s number and undisputed number one station in the FM band.

Of course, one of the station’s main drivers is DJ Papa Jack whose nightly program TLC and formerly Wild Confessions are a household name. No matter how much competition, distractions, and hate his show receives, it is without a doubt a top rated format.

Wild Confessions or the segment where callers share their sensitive side has been lifted due to complaints from the conservatives and that includes the CBCP.

Nonetheless Papa Jack and his supremacy lives on with TLC.

In fact, the famous radio show now has a spinoff in the form of a radio drama.

And with the advent of social media, Love Radio now publishes select on air content on YouTube.

Visit their official Facebook page at and visit them at



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