Radyo 5 Topic: Ara Mina’s Baby Bashed, Gets Back on Instagram

So I opened the preset and the people at the station are talking about Ara Mina and the bashing of her baby.

Ara Mina could no longer contain her anger as she exploded and responded to a basher that dragged her baby into the conversion.

Apparently she was irked when the basher mentioned her baby and said nasty things. The best actress said she is patient and kind but she has the tendency to be rude when necessary.

Below is her post.

Great to hear from you , aherm, and hey thanks for dropping by.

This is what I heard is the latest buzz on social media and yes the netizens keep on Tweeting and posting on Facebook regarding about ara mina basher.

The juice is that it is of shocking nature but for some it is something to be dealt with. And oh by the way, on social media hashtag and searches are centered, what wait no, on "ara mina"

It (cute as ever) is kind of really surprising but it is what happens. Trending topics did not, come on, circulate until April 12, 2015


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