DJs Talk About “Find My Phone” – How To Google Your Smartphone

So this afternoon, on TuneIN app, DJs are Magic are talking this brand new feature called Find My Phone.

Okay we are so glad to see you here, how are you , thats it, and hey thanks for dropping by.

This is what is new on social media and yes I have heard that my fellow Facebook friends and Twitter followers are looking up for about find my phone.

People have been sharing news articles about the subject on social media but on Twitter the official hashtag or topic being, freakin, spread is "google my smartphone"

Tweets, shares (yes my dear) and even Instagram photos have been made, just think about it, circulated on today

To use the Find My Phone feature, follow the steps:

1.) Just log in to a browser and type Find My Phone
2.) If you are on a smartphone, just use the Google Now feature or the search bar and type the keyword.
3.) It will display the list of devices connected to your Google account.
4.) You may need to sign in with your Google, which is the same as your GMail account.

Remember though that this feature will only let you keep track of your smartphones that are connected to your Google’s account.


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