Radio Hosts Talk About Sophia Loren Deliu, The Cop Beauty Queen

So I tuned in to MOR and this is what they have been talking about.

Okay we are so glad to see you here, how are you , so coool, and hey thanks for dropping by.

Wait, dude, this is happening, check it out on social media and yes I have heard that my fellow Facebook friends and Twitter followers are looking up for about sophia loren deliu.

The juice is that it is of shocking nature but for some it is something to be dealt with.

And oh by the way, on social media hashtag and searches are, this is sweet, centered on "cops beauty queen"

The news about (yes yes yes) this has been circulating starting on, are you crazy, the date today

Sophia Loren Deliu is currently making rounds on social media as she gets to be in the news for making it as a contestant to the Miss Philippines Earth.

A policewoman, Sophia is actually very proud to represent not just the police force but the whole Filipino citizenry.

She said in an interview that despite the blow the country underwent with the Mamasapano incident, she is positive that country can make it through, and that she hopes to be able to bring inspiration with her Miss Philippines Earth stint.

Sophia Loren Deliu’s facebook is

Her height is 5’11”


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