Showbiz Radio: Grace Lee Photo with New NoyNoy-a-like Boyfriend

So this is what they have been talking about on FM news talk. Howdee thanks for visiting the site, max level, this is something everyone should learn about now as this has been going on Facebook, G Plus and Twitter and news outlets recently.

As headlines now talk about grace lee boyfriend.

And yes this is what they have been talking about, as with the subject the hashtag or main forcus of the story is, max level, this "noynoy aquino mental"

The (awesomeness to the max) news about this has been circulating starting on the, oh yeah, date today

Making rounds on social media is a photo of Grace Lee and a guy, supposedly her new boyfriend.

At least that is what netizens are thinking or  suggesting. The photo shows Grace Lee and a guy behind her hugging her. He appears to be in his 40s of 50s maybe.

There were two other persons behind but they were blurred or censored of course behind it involved a kid which of course should not be dragged along the prying eyes of feasting netizens.

Their common comment or generalization is that Grace Lee is into older men and very President-ish or PNoy-looking. And why not? The guy wears eye glasses and seemingly right there receding hair.

You know internet.


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