On Air Topic: Kris Aquino Blames Self For Cancelling Buzz Talk Show

Kris Aquino has made a statement that she is blaming herself for the shelving of the Sunday talk show on channel 2 with Boy Abunda.

Despite the rumors that the hosts and the network were threatened by Willie Revillame and GMA 7’s new game show which will be scheduled or pitted against Buzz.

1.) Kris Aquino admitted that she felt sorry for Boy Abunda who is the mind behind the Sunday afternoon talk show because last December she talked to channel 2 management to excuse her from hosting the said show.
2.) The reason is because her brother Noy, asked her if she could spare the Sundays for the family.
3.) However, after Kris’s contract had been fulfilled, she of course has the option to stay with Buzz or pursue with the request to no longer host the show.
4.) She did not know however that co-host Toni Gonzaga also asked the management for a leave after being engaged
5.) Kris says Boy is hurting because of the show’s cancellation.

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