Request and Send Greetings to DJ Danny Jay

It’s that time again , my goodness this is happening, we are getting ecstatic about the latest in the social media universe.

So lately, we have been getting feedback about this on FB and Twitter , as people are posting about dj danny jay .

People have been sharing news articles about the subject on social media but on Twitter the official hashtag or topic being, just plain crazy, spread is “my request”

The news (oh really) about this has been circulating starting on the, yup, date today

DJ Danny Jay’s height is 5’6″. Danny Jay’s Facebook is Just send your greets, shout outs with the format NAME space MESSAGE and send to 2366.

To call, you can dial in their telephone number at (02) 415 2272 or (63) (2) 416-6300.

For advertisers, you can contact the station at (63) (2) 415-2272 Local 2521-22.

Related streaming only:


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