Listen: Wanted Perfect Sweetheart Stories with DJ Papa Dan

Wanted Perfect Sweetheart continues to be the spearhead in the quality call in programming for local radio.

They have definitely made themselves a worthy template for the love advice, listener-input kind of format. But of course, this is not the first radio is doing this, or WLS for that matter.

So what really sets them apart? Let us take a close look, or shall we listen.

1.) Programming call ins is a tricky that requires censorship. Now, don’t get me wrong, listeners should be censored and what everybody does not know is that listeners are screened. They are actually briefed and in fact their stories are somehow edited, edited in a way that they can’t say certain words or certain parts of their stories.

2.) Since this is an on-the-air pairing or dating program, you cannot control things, but the anchor can do so. The truth is, he has a set of cues and lines ready to throw just in case, there are wrong turns.

3.) He actually controls conversation. You know first time people are meeting they still have reservations, it can be awkward and of course, the talking can be dull, or boring, something entertainment radio of course cannot afford. So DJ Papa Dan actually and literally provides input to keep the conversation running and getting interesting.

4.) Listeners are encouraged to lie. That is the sad part but that the reality especially in real life. Of course, you want to win a potential mate, who wants to lay out his dirty laundry on a target?

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