Listen to Papi Charlz, Chikki Boomboom, and Toni Ga Greetings, Song Requests and MORE!

Papi Charlz, Chikki Boomboom, and Toni Ga! What I truly love about these trio is their incredible chemistry.

Now we know trios and groups aren’t necessarily new on radio, but the challenge really is how to pull off and pull together a show that is handled by not one but three voices.

Papi Charlz, Chikki Boomboom, and Toni Ga takes radio into a whole new level with their show Radio Get MORe.

The idea is give listeners a fun and upbeat show in an  otherwise non-mainstream timeslow like theirs. You know, the midday?

While other stations traditionally do the love songs, or mellow songs program, these guys take their show a notch higher.

Not the traditional choice of slow beat songs but prep the listeners for the primetanghali timeslot.

Congratulations to the three on making a great show!

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