Live Streaming For MOR 101.9 Manila and Be A Dramatista

dramatistaMOR 101.9 is now looking for drama artists.

If you are into radio dramas, now is your chance to be a part of its daily drama on the radio.

Just go to the Facebook page of MOR 101.9

Great to hear from you , boldly, and hey thanks for dropping by.

Extra, extra, here is the latest buzz on social media and it’s true, the internet people are looking it up on Bing and Google about about MOR 101.9 For Life.

Like everything on social media, netizens are so fast in sharing and tagging everyone with this topic.

I just thought people should be more careful in what they post. But yeah, they shared, yes it is, this topic "Radio Drama"

It is (oh god) kind of really surprising but it is what happens.

Trending topics did not circulate, nope not kidding, until today


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