Ate Liza Greetings & Requests for Barangay LS 97.1, Daily Top 3 with Cueshe

Today on Barangay LS 97.1, Cueshe is featured on The Daily Top 3
Yo howdee, oh come on, awesome day to thank our blessings.

So I opened up my smartphone today and we think social media is crazy about Cueshe.

Don’t be suprised, some of the most interesting really do trend online.

But then, everything gets talked about online nowadays. If you’re jumping into the bandwagon, this is the, nope not kidding, handle "Barangay LS 97.1 FM"

Yup, that is (imaginably) the news. Well, I don’t know about you, but in this day and age of social media, anything is news.

Artix about this went hot, legibly, around today

Here is the latest Daily Top 3 on Barangay LS 97.1 The Daily Top 3 October 27, 2015

Included in the countdown is Cueshe – Back To Me.

Also included in the countdown is Cueshe – Borrowed Time.

Also, check out Cueshe – Stay.

Making its way in the list is .

And then there is .

Check out the complete list below and check back this site for more of the latest chart results.


Cueshe – Back To Me

Download NowClick to play

Cueshe – Borrowed Time

Download NowClick to play

Cueshe – Stay

Download NowClick to play

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