Coldplay – Birds New Music Video Review

I am just so happy to get to learn that finally my favorite song in their new album has got a new and official music video.

If anything this song really deserved the 80s laid back indie inspired theme of the music video.

Very colorful, very trippy and love the editting in this one reminds me of a Violet Hill project .

To those who say this has been the laziest album from the band, I beg to disagree .

This is not the end of and era or the end of the band if this is going to be their last.

Who knows we get a follow up as demand heats up.

I just also love that it’s in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Now there is a reason for that , it doesn’t just add realism to the 80s inspired theme but it’s also very Snapchat and Instagram friendly .

Watch “Coldplay – Birds (Official video)”


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