DJ Papi Charlz Cellphone Number, Requests and Dedications on MOR 101.9

Tune in every day on the number one FM station MOR 101.9 FM Manila with DJ Papi Charlz. His contact number for requests and dedications now open.

DJ Papi Charlz is one of the favorite DJs on MOR 101.9 as he is known for his friendly and wacky delivery on the radio.

He is a bisaya and he is a very loved DJ because of amazing talent for hosting as well in live events.

Coming from the south, DJ Papi Charlz is a big supporter of the current president.

He usually teases himself on the air because of his baldness. You can connect with DJ Papi Charlz on the socials.

To request and send your greetings and dedications, you may use the contact details below. Cellphone number of DJ Papi Charlz is private for now.

Contact numbers:

(02) 924 4101
(02) 924 2684


DJ Papi Charlz Cellphone Number


4 thoughts on “DJ Papi Charlz Cellphone Number, Requests and Dedications on MOR 101.9”

  1. mayron naman pala ding hetchura c papi chalz pa pabati naman ako sa frnd ko c jayson sa calamba laguna at aki manga anak deo dm krestina yangco famely god bllss papi chalz


  2. Please play this song
    “Maghihintay Ako” by Jona

    dedicated to Payatot “Jellyann”
    Mrming Slmat Dj Papi Charlz


  3. Papi Charlz pabati nman lhat ng ksmahn ko dto Riyadh Saudi na lage kmi nka live streaming hbang ngwwork lalo sa dlwang ksmahn ko dto sa procurement dept. na si Merkz atska si dodong Sandy atska sa mga tropang SBTMC boys…na wlang sawang nkkinig poh sa inyo..Mrming Slmat


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