This Is Why DJ Delamar is Leaving The Morning Rush on Monster Radio RX 93.1

After 20 years, RX 93.1 Monster Radio’s The Morning Rush won’t be the same. 

Delamar will still be heard though in the farewell week of TMR.

There are many speculations as to why the award winning radio personality is leaving.

But fans could not help but conclude there is only one reason. As a matter of fact there are three : Cooper, Parker and Tyler – the three most important boys in Delamar’s life.

And that is reason enough. 

We will miss you for sure but you’ll be a part of us who grew up with you on the radio. 

I’m gonna be putting on repeat this smashing hit of her and Chico in the 90s.

Remember the song Let’s Talk About Love? 

How did Delamar touch your life?  Comment below. 


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