Radio Jingle Ad for Milo is LSS Hit, Brand Reveals Reason for Choosing James Reid as Endorser

Basta energy, energy gap …

This line is very among teens and grade schoolers.  

The new radio ad jingle for Milo featuring James Reid, a popular actor in the Philippines induces last song syndrome.

Asked by consumer, Milo explained why they chose James Reid as ensorser.

Aluqah: Why did you choose James Reid as endorser?

Hi, Alucaq! Thanks for your interest in MILO®. We saw James Reid as a fit MILO® ambassador for many reasons. He was an athlete in Australia before moving to the Philippines. He enjoyed swimming and competed in gymnastics. Despite his hectic career schedule, James remains fit by doing regular exercise in different forms including dance, which he loves. We hope this answers your question!


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