Why Smartphone Users Are Leaving Spotify And Transferred to Apple Music

Family packages and student discounts, but in the meantime Spotify slips to second place in the US in the ranking of the most used services for music streaming.

In February, the Wall Street Journal published a surprising report: according to the research of the newspaper, it was expected that the estimate of subscribers to the main competitor, Apple Music, would have surpassed those of Spotify already by this summer.

At the beginning of the month, a further investigation confirmed that the prophecy of the Wall Street Journal has come true: now Apple is in front of Spotify for the number of subscribers to the platform.

Now, a new study explains why Spotify has apparently “lost” the music streaming wars in the United States. And because it will continue to stay behind.

So, why do so many Americans easily leave Spotify? Options, options and options. Maybe too much choice.

Also according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Music has a subscriber growth rate of 5 %. However, the newspaper admitted that analysts should not expect the service to replicate its success worldwide. Instead, Spotify has a 2% subscriber growth rate in the United States, and a fabulous 7% worldwide.

Why does Spotify have a lower subscriber growth rate in the United States? Josh Lowitz , CIRP’s partner and co-founder, simply explains that the fight is tight: “The United States is a very competitive market with a number of valid options for both free and paid streaming music.”

Just think of Amazon : the eCommerce giant has 90 million subscribers in the US alone and the number goes up every quarter. Amazon offers two different types of music package to its subscribers: the free one, Prime Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited at a discounted price. Would it make sense to pay around ten dollars a month more for a Spotify subscription ?


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