XiaoKoa Podcasting Microphone for Beginners


XiaoKoa Podcasting Microphone for Beginners

Without a doubt an economic microphone but of a certain level, just to not use those of the cameras or headphones with the inevitable noise and background noise.

The tripod has the elastic suspenders to avoid the classic table noises.

The microphone / headphone splitter cable is also very convenient.
I would say that to start is more than good, then if one makes a profession can switch to higher-end products but definitely to other pieces.

Purchased at the request of a nephew to complete his animator equipment, and used so far for the 18th celebrated with friends, but all are enthusiastic about the performance and ease of use. Compatible with all the different types of laptops and devices used by various friends, while I have been ordered another, this time from the family girls, who are delighted to publish videos on Youtube, and have found the convenience of use, they have me explained that the elastic suspensions are particularly useful etc .. In short, all satisfied with the purchase and surely others will follow

Practical, light and functional. great gadget with professional appearance in small at least in appearance. Nice because it can be connected to different mobile devices. The materials seem to be of fair quality and the quality is in line with the price for this I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase and I can not wait to play a bit in the evening when I return from work.

Absolutely recommended

I was not convinced of the quality for the price I had spent, but I have to say that it deserves a 5-star rating.

It works very well, the sound is clean and feels pretty good even at a distance of 1-2 meters. Surely 100% better than a microphone built into a laptop.

Nice idea to keep the microphone with the rubber bands in this way the piece that keeps the microphone can not be broken.


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