Shakeup in the world of Radio in Italia

Monday 2 September is the date of the departure of several new national and local radio programming schedules.

Radio 24 made its debut in the morning with the changes already widely announced, the container of Fernando Proce got underway on R101, while RTL 102.5 returned to propose the complete version of “The family down north”, after the summer cut from Villasimius .

On Radio Deejay, Fabio Volo and the Linus-Savino couple are back on the air, while Radio 105 starts again in the morning with “Tutto esaurito” and “105 Friends”.

Gradually all the other radios are also returning to “normality”, after the August programming which – as every year – turned out to be “distorted” and adapted to the holiday period.

With the resumption of the “traditional” program schedules , starting from Tuesday 3rd September the RadioTER listening surveys will start again, still relating to the third quarter of 2019 and including the “double period” 11 / 06-29 / 07 and 03 / 09-30 / 09. In turn, the results of the third quarter added to those of the fourth will lead to the formulation of data for the second half of 2019, which will be published by the Editori Radio Radio at the beginning of 2020.

Meanwhile, there is much anticipation for the date of Thursday 5 September, when RadioTER will release the volumes for the first half of 2019 , with the possibility of knowing further details of the data disclosed at the end of July (from the listening devices, to the results of the broadcasters) local province by province, individual quarters of an hour and more).

Overall, therefore, a hot week for radio broadcasting, which is once again a great protagonist with new programming and new data.


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