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103.5 Wow FM, Do You Really Know What The ‘Masa’ Needs?

A Concerned Listener Appeals To New Station To Re-consider Programming

It has only been months since the launch of 103.5 Wow FM and they’ve already caused a stir in Manila’s airwaves. Mr. Fu captains the station with his usual funny and witty personality. DJ Laila Chikadora jumped ship from DWRR which shocked everyone. And yes, as expected, they sounded pretty much like every “masa” station brands itself. Some people find the station worth a listen.

But a concerned listener from Metro Manila, sent Wow FM a message and brought her opinion about the station’s approach. The message was sent by someone named Maruja de Vera. We wish there is a way we can contact this person for verification and clearance to re-post her message. But in the internet, we always assume anonymity. And since her post was made publicly available, we decided to quote her below.

What is your vision as a radio station? do you really know the “masa”, what we need and like? how can you reconcile enjoyment, escapism, social relevance and moral upliftment in the lives of the masses, especially the youth, in your programs? How can you market your djs and utilize their potentials without compromising their credibility and respectability? If you can answer that, then you are in top form for the radio competition– just look at where energy fm is now, in so short a time.

1. As a housewife, mother and teacher, I have reservations about recommending your station because you dwell too much on green jokes, “chorvahan”, double meaning words and suggestive sounds. Do you really think the masa is sexually hungry, guided only by sexual instincts and do not want any informative or socially/spiritually/morally relevant issues? For instance, Mr. Fu was much more interesting and helpful when he was a funny adviser in energy fm. Now he is much more preoccupied with senseless things like pronouncing the word lahveet as ridiculously as one can, making animal sounds with the help of his assistant Emily.

2. As a woman, I feel insulted that the talented and kind-hearted dj, Ms Tina Ryan, is being marketed as a seemingly cheap, sex siren. Her introductory spiel says it all. The terms short time, quickie, L na L, pink na upo, they make me cringe, and thankfully, Ms Ryan knows how to control her guests when they get vulgar. By the way, she has many student listeners. They love Tina, and unconsciously they may imbibe and may easily be influenced by the “green-ness” of her guests. I love Tina too, and will follow her to whatever station she will go; however unlike the students, I’m a discerning adult and can take the theme of her show.

3. I think you are in dire need of a program director and consultant — one who has a strong sense of what the masa wants and needs and can balance these with business.

Original post here http://1035wowfm.webs.com/apps/profile/67045978/

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103.5 Wow FM Lahveet! Launches

New Logo for 103.5 Wow FM

Finally, 103.5 Wow FM has taken off. The new format sports the slogan Love It or “Lahveet”. Mr. Fu, who is known for his catchphrases “May Ganun” (Such A Thing) and “Dahil Diyan, Close Na Tayo” (Because of that, we’re close), is said to have formulated the slogan.

Mr. Fu in an article by PEP revealed that he will be using his famous “May Ganun” liner but will come up with a new one. DJ Laila Chikadora is still sporting her signature stutter adlib “La-la-la-la” in the way she beams “Ah-lalalalalahveet!”, with tongue stuck out.

Visit their website at 103.5 Wow FM Website

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