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Radio DJ Mr. Fu Enters Commercial Endorsements

Mr. Fur (center) with co-DJs at 103.5 Wow FM

It is not a secret that radio served as a spring board for some of the country top celebrities like Joey De Leon. New generation of talents like Sam YG, and DJ Mo have also successfully made the crossover.

Mr. Fu is among whose careers are blasting off from being an announcer. Born Jeffrey Espiritu, he is also a comedian, host, and former news reporter on RPN9.

Currently he is a sidekick to Joey de Leon on Wow Mali, and Pinoy Samurai on TV5. His famous catch phrase Meganon earned him a popularity that catapulted his TV career. Continue reading Radio DJ Mr. Fu Enters Commercial Endorsements


103.5 Wow FM On Ustream, Live Video Streaming

103.5 Wow FM Streaming Live

Justin Bibbo, Mr. Fu, Laila Chikadora and the rest of the Wow FM gang can now be heard and be seen on Ustream.TV. Ustream seems to be the go to nowadays for most radio stations for live streaming since it’s free, it comes with a chat service, and integration via Facebook and Twitter, plus the quality of streaming is good. At 128kbps or near CD quality streaming, most radio stations now prefer to stream over Ustream than pay for a shoutcast server for instance.

You can listen, view and chat with your favorite 103.5 Wow FM DJs now, just go to 103.5 Wow FM Website

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