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106.7 Dream FM Goes Pure Online at PinoyTuner.com

Dream FM Becomes 'JAZZistas'

Dream FM listeners and Jazz music fans cannot believe they will be missing one more Jazz radio station in Manila FM band.

XFM 92.3 was a jazz station but was closed. Until now, there were only two Jazz stations left: Crossover 105.1 and 106.7 Dream FM. When July 1st comes, there will be one Jazz station left and more masa station added in the already crowded radio spectrum (as Energy FM takes over 106.7).

Fans suggest that Dream FM take on the 105.9 dial point. UR FaceRadio is said to vacate the slot by the end of this month.

Avid Jazzista Anthony Frank Tan, however, consoled listeners by directing them into an all-jazz online radio station via PinoyTuner.com. The station is branded as JAZZistas. It will not be carrying the Dream FM branding, but the “stationality” promises to bring the sound of the soon-to-be defunct radio to world-wide audience. Continue reading 106.7 Dream FM Goes Pure Online at PinoyTuner.com


106.7 Dream FM To Sign Off, Energy FM Takes Over?

106.7 Energy FM?

Smooth Jazz radio 106.7 Dream FM is reported to close shop come July 2011 to make way for Energy FM’s arrival from the 91.5 frequency.

Recently, a new radio station Big Radio occupied the dial point (91.5), which is owned by Manny Luzon of Ultrasonic Broadcasting System, the same company that operates Energy FM and all its sister station across the country.

Listen to 106.7 Energy FM

Legally known as DWET FM, Dream FM is owned by TV5. TV5 also operates News FM 92.3, but the frequency is licensed to Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Energy FM Exodus

Rumors have it that Energy FM will take over 106.7 in July. But this, yet, is to be confirmed. No official statement has been made by Ultrasonic Broadcasting System as of this post time, regarding the exact destination of Energy FM.

However, a graphic has been posted on Facebook announcing the major change of the station. The material went Continue reading 106.7 Dream FM To Sign Off, Energy FM Takes Over?