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What Radio Automation is used at 91.5 FM Win Radio Manila ?

DJ Tess is seen her during her board work at 91.5 Win Radio.

Win Radio used to be the branding on the 107.5 frequency but later moved to 91.5. 107.5 is now Wish FM, a hybrid masa slash CHR station which now competes with Home Radio.

91.5 used to be Energy FM but is now at 106.7 Energy FM.

Now the software used as with many radio stations since the 2000s is OTS Media.

They employ two workstations. 1 for music and the other for commercials.

OTS Media is undoubtedly good for music segues but in commercials it will tend to overlap voices, not all the time. So it is better that commercial spots have tails to allow for a better segue.